Scouting for Adults

Welcome to the world of scouting!

We are the young, active, professional team of scout managers, who founded the youth non-governmental organization “Scouts of Kiev” for organization work with children, teenagers and youth, bringing them into active public activity, spending useful leisure.

Scouting is educational system that has been tested over time, developed in different communities and attracted to its ranks people of all ages. Love to the game, feeling a new, adventures, romance, opportunity to test themselves, independence, free expression of their personality, ability to take responsibility, that all are harmoniously combined in Scouting.

Scouting is a best opportunity to find common language with your child, find true love for him and understand him.
The simplicity and genius of the Scout method is that it aims to organize free time for children and young people according to their interests. And by children and youth it is perceived as a game and fun way to show selfdependence, individuality and independence.

In practical Scout activities your child can develop multi-faceted, as forms and methods, that scout-leaders use, promote intellectual, physical, emotional, social development of the younger generation.

Often, adults cannot find answers to strange and seemingly stupid questions of youth, let’s find them together, by developing them and yourself.

We know how and are able to organize work with children of all ages. We will help children, adolescents and young people acquire new necessary in everyday life knowledge and practical skills to acquire and develop leadership skills, communication and organizational skills, correctly and usefully use their free time.

The success of comprehensive development of your child depends not on the your free time, but the quality of our cooperation. There  are no strange children! Let’s build the future for the children together!

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